Monitoring the energy of ultrasonic bath for cleaning of surgical instruments Routine monitoring and validation according to AS/NZS 4187.

  • Detects sufficient energy for cavitation
  • A pre-prepared test showing immediate result
  • Colour change from green to yellow indicating a positive result
  • Easy evaluation


The process of ultrasonic cleaning relies upon the occurrence of cavitation. This effect will trigger a chemical reaction in the SonoCheck changing its colour.


SonoCheck is used to monitor the ultrasonic energy level during the cleaning of surgical instruments. SonoCheck is also used to measure the performance of the individual transducers during the functional test.


When the ultrasonic cleaner is supplying sufficient energy, SonoCheck will show a positive result within the recommended cycle time. Effects such as insufficient energy, overloading, water level and de-gassing will increase the time needed for the colour change.

In the case of a major problem SonoCheck will not change at all.


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