Test for residual water in Flexible Endoscopes

  • Verify the dryness of Flexible Endoscope channels
  • User friendly, pre-prepared test
  • Purple colour change indicates residual water in the tested channel
  • Detection limit of 0.05 µl residual water
  • Immediate result, no incubation required


HydroCheck-E can detect a very small amount of residual water inside an endoscope channel to avoid recontamination during storage. 


A swab is used to sample any residual water from the endoscope channel and is then tested with the HydroCheck-E. 


A purple spot on the swab indicates residual water in the tested channel. Large amount of residual water will turn the swab completely purple. 

NOTE: Residual water in endoscopes is a hygiene risk to patients. Moisture allows microorganisms to survive and multiply. Endoscopes need to be completely dry before storage.


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